EunHye Choi

A software engineer working at an AdTech startup downtown Seoul, South Korea


Web Developer

Data Rep.up

I build a webapp used by marketers to manage ad campaigns. We use big data to allow them to target campaigns to specific audiences. The marketers can see live previews of how the campaigns will appear on facebook. Campaign performace can be explored by the marketers via detailed reports and statistics dashboards.


Java | Spring boot


JavaScript | Vue

CI ยท CD

Jenkins | Maven, npm

Data Administration

Postgresql, MongoDB, Redis


Tomcat, nginx

January 2019 - Present


Encore Academy

Big Data Architecture and Analytics
Web Development Track

Java, Oracle, JSP, Spring Framework, HTML5, CSS, Javascript

Big Data Track

Linux, Hadoop, Spark, Python, Tensorflow

June 2018 - January 2019

Duksung Women's University

Business Administration


On the weekends, I like to explore technologies that are new to me (most recently Ruby on Rails). I like to build new projects start to finish as a way of building a deep understanding of the technology I am trying to learn.

I also am interested in functional programming. I was introduced to it while I was learning scala. It was faschinating to see that I could write the same code in a completely different way. I am looking for new opportunities to further explore functional programming.

After work, I like to do ballet :D